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26 - 30 Florence Street, Hornsby NSW 2077.
Ph. : (02) 9477 3773
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Back On Track Podiatry is a clinic that provides all aspects of podiatry care to all age groups. The clinic specialises in adverse mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb, which also includes the treatment of sporting injuries (i.e. heel / arch pain, Achilles, knee pain etc... see here) as well as general conditions (i.e. nail problems, painful calluses and corns).

For information on the Podiatrist, Matthew Thomas, please click here.


"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."

Leonardo da Vinci

• A computer / sensor plate gait analysis system and treadmill is used at the clinic to assist in the diagnosis and education to the patient of their leg / foot pain and running / sports related injury.

• Back On Track aims to improve the health and well being of each client via the treatment of lower limb ailments which thus enables one to move more efficiently and pain free. However, for optimal well being, it is also important to be holistically healthy and strong; thus there is additional information via the "Links" page of this site... for health, diet and exercise related information... so as to get you back on track as soon as possible.

  • Back On Track believes prevention is better than cure, however, when pain strikes the main objective is to find and then address the primary cause of the condition as well as educate on prevention. Apart from addressing injury and pathological conditions, this website also provides information on associated areas in helping prevent conditions arising and / or reoccurring. Hence there is also information on areas such as exercises (link) and plyometrics (link)


Conditions Treated Include:

  Heel Pain Arch Pain Ankle - Achilles Pain Shin Pain Knee Pain Hip Pain  Lower Back Pain 'Flat' feet Rheumatoid Arthritis Feet Sports / Running Injuries Ingrown Toenails Painful corns and calluses 


 • The feet are complex supporting structures - there are more bones in the feet (28 each [56]... along with subsequent joints) than any other region of the body... and due to their location - attracting more stress / forces than any other region of the body!